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Sterling Filigree Necklace in Style of Matilde

Handmade Sterling Necklace and Coordinating Earrings in Style of Matilde

Amethyst, turquoise and coral.

Set, $1400

Necklace Length 19″
.925 Mexico

Coordinating Earrings 1.5″ x 1.5″
.925 Mexico


Newly made.
Taxco, Mexico


Product Details

In Latin America, fine metal filigree metal seems to have originated primarily in Peru with skilled Andean artisans. Today, Mexico, too, excels in its production of filigree and boasts many master artisans in silver and gold filigree work. Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Yucatán stand out most notably for their exquisite filigree work, and the Taxco University of Art and Design is also on the vanguard of filigree. How are these delicately-balanced, dangly pieces created? Their dozens or hundreds of individual moving parts simulating lace or embroidery are composed of fine-spun silver threads, made from torched and flattened silver. Each individual component is soldered with the greatest care and smallest instruments to unify the whole piece into one cohesive design. Some “filigree-ers” (filigraneros), as the masters of this difficult craft are often called, use organic forms while others rely on geometry to bring together every part and minuscule braid and thread. Influence from colonial Spanish and religious designs on traditional indigenous silver work has led to distinct developments between regions.

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