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Painted Pine Table by David Marsh

H18 W24 D24

Texas-made pine furniture by David Marsh and team, using repurposed materials, new and recycled woods. Tables, cabinets, floor and table lamps, and mirrors of all sizes and styles available.


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Texas-based artist David Marsh and his studio have perfected the art of whimsical, lasting, and one-of-a-kind furniture that you’ll never find in a big box store, and which are only found in a handful of stores nationwide, Leslie Flynt included. Your office or home (or home office!) spaces will thank you for choosing these individualistic styles of furniture, whose demand has often surpassed the supply capacity of the studio’s craftspeople. Inspired by Shaker, Mennonite, and other folk designs, this furniture is stamped with its own brand of creativity and verve. Many of the finishes require up to eight different applications, including overall painting, detailing, combing, distressing, burn holeing, and urethaning. The wood is hand-planed to achieve a distinctive surface, and the sander, or quality control craftsman, hand sands after each of the three coats of water-based lacquer. These rich, deep finishes make the furniture both durable and beautiful. Many pieces are decorated with layers of wood detailing and adorned with tacks and marbles to add color, design, and dimension. Every single piece is unique: its creators sign the back with symbols, nonsense words, jokes, drawings, and always the word “HA,” reminding the customer to only buy it if they love it, and reminding creators, “If it’s not fun, don’t do it! Joyfulness is not an accident.”

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