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Mexican Folkloric Illustrations

Brightly illustrated religious and everyday scenes.
Various sizes; framed in gold-painted wood.
Made in Mexico.

Overall sizes:

Burro 7.5 x 7.5 $265.

Guadalupe 7 x 8.5 $340.

Saguaro 5 x 5.5 $185.

Product Details

Reminiscent of religious retablos, Luis Romero’s charming illustrations are both touched by the ethereal and grounded in the everyday world of Mexican life that surrounded him in Mexico City, captivated his dreams in Seattle, Washington, and called him back to San Miguel de Allende where he lives currently with his wife, River. Each piece is hand-painted on paper and uniquely framed in an intimate, vibrant style, recalling the lives of revolutionaries and marketplace sellers alike, the stunning anomalies of the natural world and the sacred saints that watch over it all. Romero and his wife River work alongside each other in the studio style of Frida and Diego Rivera.

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