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Oversized Fishing Lures

Large bait lures made from hand-lathed cypress. Painted with up to 10 coats of paint to replicate fishing lures.

Made in Texas.

Length 18″


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Go big or go fish! That’s the spirit of these monumental lure sculptures by Ken Picou, inspired by his fishing days as a boy in Louisiana. Begun as a joke for a fishing trip with friends, soon the cypress sculptures were met with popularity as gifts for bait lovers, restaurant decor, and home or office statements. Each bait is modeled precisely after its real-life counterpart, meticulously shaped on a lathe or bandsaw, primed and hand-painted with up to 10 coats of paint, and fashioned with real hooks and precisely made to balance from one point. Picou now bases his majestic, whimsical work out of Texas.

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