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Gorky Gonzalez Majolica Pottery – Handcrafted Mexican Ceramic


Indulge in the vibrant charm and exquisite craftsmanship of Gorky Gonzalez Majolica Pottery, lovingly handcrafted in Guanajuato, Mexico. Renowned internationally and celebrated for his mastery of traditional ceramic techniques, Gorky Gonzalez infuses each piece with a blend of heritage and charm.

Olla (H16″ x W14″) – $240

Dinner Plate (Diameter 10.5″) – $38 each

Salt and Pepper Shakers – $30 per pair

Bird Snack Dish (L10.5″) – $30

Chicken Pitcher (H10″) – $55

Small Chicken Pitcher (H5″) – $28

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Each piece in our collection is:

Handmade: Crafted with care by skilled artisans, ensuring the unique character and quality of every piece.

Hand-Painted: Adorned with intricate designs and rich colors, reflecting the artistry and creativity of Gorky Gonzalez.

Majolica: Made using the ancient majolica pottery technique, known for its glossy finish and vibrant glazes

Discover a variety of pieces, including:

Olla (H16″ x W14″) – $240:

Dinner Plate (Diameter 10.5″) – $38 each: Elevate your dining experience with our hand-painted Dinner Plates. Crafted with durable majolica pottery, they add artisanal charm to your table setting.

Salt and Pepper Shakers – $30 per pair: Add flavor to your meals with our whimsical Salt and Pepper Shakers. Hand-painted with intricate details, they’re both practical and delightful.

Bird Snack Dish (L10.5″) – $30: Serve snacks with style using our adorable Bird Snack Dish. Its playful design adds whimsy to any gathering.

Chicken Pitcher (H10″) – $55: Make a statement with our charming Chicken Pitcher. Crafted in the shape of a proud rooster, it adds rustic elegance to any occasion.

Small Chicken Pitcher (H5″) – $28: Adorn your tabletop with our petite Small Chicken Pitcher. Its quaint size and intricate detailing bring farmhouse charm to your home decor.


Olla, Small Chicken Pitcher

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