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Blenko Carafe

Hand-blown glass made by a family-owned business founded in 1893.

The narrow shape, two pouring spouts and center indentation makes for easy handling.
The carafe also serves as a beautiful flower vase.
Various colors available. Hand wash.

Classic is 8″ tall, $78.

The Mini is 6″ tall, $64.


Product Details

Blenko Glass has always been a family business, founded in 1893 and located in Wilton, West Virginia since 1921, each generation dedicated to crafting the highest quality West Virginian glass and disproving early 20th-century prejudices against domestically-made glass. Each artistic Blenko piece is immediately identifiable for its soft edging, hand-blown details, practicality, and extraordinary quality. This piece is one that soon became their signature when it was created in 1938: the glass “water bottle” was expressly designed to fit snugly in the doors of the first modern ice boxes (today’s refrigerators). Every iconic Blenko carafe boasts its own detailed personality and radiant colors.  Do not place in dishwasher or microwave.  And avoid pouring boiling water or putting in freezer.  Ice and crushed ice are highly recommended!

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