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01: Half Round Tesoros Hall Table — David Marsh
Elegant, carved legs add to the whimsy of the carefully assembled apron.
Dimensions: H32/40 L31 D18
PRICE: $945. Find out more.

02: Painted Pine Baby Crown Shelves — David Marsh
Great size for kitchen, bathroom or small collections. Lots of color choices.
Dimensions: H36 W16 D5
PRICE: $165. Find out more.

03: Broomstick Mirror — David Marsh
Handmade in the USA using broomstick handles David buys from an American company that has been manufacturing for 100 years. Also available in a full length dressing mirror.
Regular Dimensions: 36 x 29.
PRICE: $345. Find out more.
Dressing Dimensions: 28 x 58.
PRICE: $525. Find out more.

04: Chest on legs — David Marsh
Naturally stained pine with burn hole accents and old red and moss paint. Good place to sit and put on your boots and also to hide gloves and dog leashes.
Dimensions: L28 H24 D17
PRICE: $545. Find out more.

05: Detail of 04, above.

06: Stick Basura Hutch — David Marsh
Individual sticks of wood adorn this practical and beautiful cabinet. Good for a library or pantry.
Dimensions: H78 W33/36 D19
Price: $1665. Find out more.

07: Revival Table — David Marsh
Part of David’s Revival Series, this base was originally an adding machine table. With a new top, it makes a great conversation piece as well as a great side table.
Dimensions: H35 L26 D20
Price: $400. Find out more.

08: Half Round Wall Shelves — David Marsh
Utilizing old wood, this graceful shape has practical uses.
Dimensions: H38 W22 D7
Price: $225. Find out more.

09: Large Basura Stick Bookcase — David Marsh
All handmade in the USA, the sides of this nicely scaled piece are accented by individually painted sticks of wood. Also have one with natural wood stain.
Dimensions: H78 W34/41 D12
Price: $1350. Find out more.

10: The Original Tesoros Cabinet — David Marsh
This was the first design in the now popular Tesoros series. Perfect size for an entry way or bar, there are two adjustable shelves behind the beautiful doors.
Dimensions: H36 L35 D19
Price: $1350. Find out more.

11: Welsh Dresser — Pine and Paint
Magnificent anchor for kitchen or dining room. Has recessed ridges for displaying plates and you won’t believe how much storage it has.
Dimensions: H81 L50 D18
Price: $1685. Find out more.

12: Stack-o-stuff Table — David Marsh
The new way David is having so much fun. These are pieces that David finds while antiquing and then puts them together to make you smile.
Dimensions: H25 D18
Price: $295. Find out more.

13: Hidden Drawer Desk — David Marsh
The front apron on this desk actually opens on metal runners. Large enough for a lamp and computer, but not too big either.
Dimensions: H30 L36 D21
Price: $725. Find out more.

14: Micro Console Table — David Marsh
Nice size for bedside table or between chairs. Available in lots of other colors.
Dimensions: L24 H30 D14
Price: $365. Find out more.

15: Tesoros Mirror — David Marsh
Tesoros means Treasure in Spanish. The mirrors differ in what he chooses to assemble, broomstick handles, moldings, yardsticks. Also available in a full length dressing mirror size.
Regular Dimensions: 29 x 36.
Price: $365. Find out more.
Dressing Dimensions: 28 x 58.
PRICE: $545. Find out more.

16: Potbelly Cabinet — David Marsh
Sticks of wood on the sides create this graceful shape. One shelf inside.
Dimensions: H42 W21 D18
Price: $1235. Find out more.

17: Tall Stick Basura Cabinet — David Marsh
Four shelves and a drawer make this amazing piece practical as well as charming.
Dimensions: H78 W20 D12/14
Price: $1450. Find out more.

18: Painted Pine Old Red Cabinet — Pine and Paint
Nice storage piece or to display a TV.
Dimensions: H30 W32 D18
Price: $965. Find out more.

19: Lamp Table with drawer — David Marsh
This one is brightly colored, but it can be ordered in other colors.
Dimensions: H30 W22 D22
Price: $395. Find out more.

20: Texanna Caballo Pine Table — David Marsh
Wonderful size for so many reasons. Usually have other colors in inventory.
Dimensions: H21 D18
Price: $200. Find out more.

21: Revival Table — David Marsh
The base is an old metal kerosene can that David made a top for.
Dimensions: H26 D17
Price: $285. Find out more.

22: Revival table — David Marsh
Another Revival! This one has an old car jack and gears for a base.
Dimensions: H25 D18
Price: $325. Find out more.

23: Tesoros Chimney Bookcase — David Marsh
Great scale for a small space. Holds lots!! The bookcase is built from scratch and then embellished with broomstick handles, molding and yardsticks.
Dimensions: H76 W15/20 D14
Price: $1,085. Find out more.

24: Detail of 23, above.

25: Itty Bitty Bookcase — David Marsh
This one is in the Texanna Caballo finish and can be ordered in other colors.
Dimensions: H37 W27 D11
Price: $500. Find out more.

26: Tesoros Chest on Legs — David Marsh
Perfect for the end of the bed for blanket storage.
Dimensions: L30 H24 D19
Price: $675. Find out more.

27: Small Corner Cabinet — Pine and Paint
Nice scale for small corners.
Dimensions: H74 W27 D15 From corner of wall to edge of crown: 23”. Also available in a larger size. Call for a picture.
Price: $1100. Find out more.

28: Tesoros Itty Bitty Bookcase — David Marsh
Fun and functional!
Dimensions: H37 W27 D11
Price: $600. Find out more.

29: Flowered Nightstand on Legs — David Marsh
Hand Painted flowers give this a colonial feel. Bedside table or between two chairs.
Dimensions: H30/32 W23 D14
Price: $675. Find out more.

30: Basura Stick Server Credenza — David Marsh
You’ll have fun serving buffets from this piece!
Dimensions: L48 H36 D19
Price: $1800. Find out more.

31: Tesoros Credenza — David Marsh
Nice scale for a bedroom or dining room. Has one shelf.
Dimensions: L48 H40 D20
Price: $2025. Find out more.

32: Tesoros Nightstand on legs — David Marsh
Dimensions: H30/32 W23 D14
Price: $725. Find out more.

33: Six Drawer Chest — Pine and Paint
Beautifully made with nice metal runners on the drawers. Custom sizes and other colors are available.
Dimensions: L60 H34/38 D18
Price: $1635. Find out more.

34: Broomstick Cabinet — David Marsh
What a focal point for a room!! Perfect as a wardrobe, china cabinet or pantry. Has three adjustable shelves.
Dimensions: H69 W32/29 D 17/19
Price: $1685. Find out more.

35: Marbolous and tacky mirror — David Marsh
Available in 20 color combinations and as a dressing mirror.
Regular Dimensions: 25.5 x 33.5
Price: $365. Find out more.
Dressing Dimensions: 25 x 35
Price: $545. Find out more.

36: Jewelry Wall Cabinet — Mary Stuart
Handmade in the USA, this one of a kind piece nicely holds necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
Dimensions: H33 W14 D5
Price: $425. Find out more.

37: Dash and Albert Rugs.
We have all the rug samples for you to view!! Free shipping on all orders.
Price: Starting at $33. Find out more.

38: Charming Folk Art paintings on tin — Margaret Cogswell
Dimensions: 3 x 4 – 7 x 9
Price: $40 – $80. Find out more.

39: Hand Painted Majolica Pottery — Gorky Gonzalez
We have an ever changing selection. So beautifully made and well priced.
Price: $12 – $125. Find out more.

40: Stack-o-Stuff lamp — David Marsh
Each is one of a kind depending on what David decides to put together!!
Dimensions: H28
Price: $300. Find out more.

41: ‘Summer Flag’ Handwoven in Maine — Sara Hotchkiss
Dimensions: 30 x 74
Price: $750. Find out more.

42: Handmade Frames — Mary Stuart
All one of a kind.
Dimensions: 4 x 6 and 5 x 7
Price: $56 and $62. Find out more.

43: Oil Pastel on Pastel Paper — New Mexican artist Jennifer Cavan
Jennifer captures the great New Mexico sky and colors. She also paints night scenes with twinkling stars.
Dimensions (Overall Size): 21 x 21
Price: $675. Framed. Find out more.

44: Hand Carved Cars — Santa Fe artist Dirk Kortz
The license plates say “Santa Fe, No Brakes.”
Dimensions: 17" – 25”
Price: $160 — $295. Find out more.

45: Handmade Accessories
Guatemalan Runners, $160. Find out more.
Terra Firma pottery, $75 – $200. Find out more.
Hand blown and etched hurricane lamps, $90 — $125. Find out more.

46: Hand carved cottonwood St. Francis — New Mexican artist Hector Rascon
Smaller sizes available.
Price: $135 and $165. Find out more.

47: Wooden angels — Hector Rascon
Price: Large $32. Small $18. Find out more.

48: Hand Carved Wooden Burros — Hector Rascon
Other animals available.
Price: Small $115. Large $165. Find out more.

49: Carved Cypress Lures — Ken Picou
Made in the USA. Many other styles.
Price: Surface Popper $325. Find out more.

50: Painted pine table — David Marsh
Great size to move around as needed!
Dimensions: H23 D11 W11
Price: $160. Find out more.

Please call or email for more images. This is a small fraction of the wonderful pieces in the shop. Everything can be shipped!