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Our selection of David Marsh Cabinets and Ralph Garrett Furniture.



OK, where do we start to tell you about the amazing furniture by David? How about ... well designed, well made, and well priced! All pieces are charming and whimsical, reflecting David's singular world view. Crafted from sustainable Ponderosa pine and hand planed and finished, David has been creating his collectible tables, cabinets, shelves, mirrors and bookcases for 30 years. It's practical, timeless and fun to be around. Made in the United States!


Pine ’n Paint and a whole lot of talent! These guys worked for David for years and now have their own digs. Same great craftsmanship and style grace their servers, cabinets and bookcases. Made by creative hands and ingenious minds, these pieces are sure to delight. Custom sizes are available.


Yet another spectacular furniture maker, Ralph Garrett once worked with his cousin, mentor and friend David Marsh, then went on to establish his own unique, eclectic look that's embellished by his vivid imagination. These pieces are built from scratch by this earth friendly company, minimizing waste and employing water-based paints and lacquers. Pieces range from picture frames to large armoires.


Honoring the tradition of hand crafted furniture, we offer an ever-changing selection of Guatemalan, Mexican and Mennonite antiques. Among the items pictured above is a Guatemalan table, hand carved from the 1950s and painted in a deep rich red. Also shown is a child's chair carved in the 1950s.


Click on the “View Our Latest Shipment” button to see our current collection itemized with sizes and prices. Call or email to purchase an item or let us know what you're looking for and we can email you photos.